Official Rules, Terms & Conditions and Submission:

1. Please take time to write unique title and description - error free, gramatically correct and only in English!!!

2. We do not accept websites that contain illegal content including: Warez, adult, phishing, gambling, child pornography, escort, viagra, drugs, steroids, loans etc that is inclusive of illegal activities. Websites rejected because of these content will not be refunded.

3. Payment is for REVIEW of the site submitted. We don't sell links for PR. Charity, government sites will be reviewed for free if correct details are provided to verify genuineness.

4. Do not submit links to affiliate programs or web sites that only contain affiliate links.

5. Submit the top-level domain of your website only, this is to ensure the best web surfing experience for users.

6. Use correct capitalization. The first letter of each sentence in descriptions and proper nouns should be capitalized. Entries with all letters CAPITALIZED or submitted without using capital letters will be rejected.

7. After review, we might not accept all sites submitted. However, refund will be provided if site reviewed is rejected/unlisted for any reason.

8. We usually review a submission in 24 to 72 hours. However, approval might get delayed for other reasons.

9. Featured listings are shown above all regular listings.

10. Payments are processed through PayPal only.

11. Submit titles and descriptions in English only.

12. Do not include URLs in the description field.

13. * (asterix) denotes required field.

14. Main URL and deep links should be from same domain.

15. We reserve the rights to change submission category, title and description as relevant.

16. All links listed in the directory are permanent and will not expire. "life of this directory" ( We guarantee atleast 1 year from your submission date.)

17. We reserve the right to revise the "Terms of Use" from time to time without any prior notice. You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions even updated after submission/listing of your site.

18. If your site is violating DMCA or we get any complain about it, we reserve the right to investigate it further and if your site is found guilty, we reserve the right to delete it without giving you a refund.

19. Our directory is not responsible for the contents of any web site linked. Use of any such linked web site is at the user's own risk.

20. Submissions will be rejected if your website is (a) Made for Google Adsense (MFA) content only, (b) incomplete, under construction or redirects visitors to an unrelated destination, (c) excessive keyword stuffing and (d) failure to submit to the correct category. Websites rejected because of these reasons will not be refunded.

We ACCEPT ONLY United Kingdom websites. Non United Kingdom sites won't be accepted in the directory.

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